Docudays UA is the only international human rights documentary film festival in Ukraine.

It is a member of the International Human Rights Film Network.

It takes place every year in Kyiv during the last week of March. At Docudays UA 2019, the festival programme featured 76 films from 38 countries, including 27 Ukrainian films. The Festival was attended by over 190 participants, including 115 international guests. The human rights programme, RIGHTS NOW!, consisted of 47 workshops, lectures and discussions. In 2019, Docudays UA in Kyiv was attended by 24,654 viewers.
The Travelling Festival Docudays UA takes place every year between October and December in local cinemas, houses of culture, schools and universities, film clubs and creative spaces, book stores, libraries, as well as institutions of the penitentiary system. An important component of the events are discussions, where the audience has a chance to talk to filmmakers, invited human rights advocates, cultural figures. In 2018, between October and December, the Travelling Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA visited 220 cities and towns in 22 regions of Ukraine, thanks to the efforts of 47 regional partners and the team of NGO Docudays.
The film club network of Docudays UA (DOCU/CLUBs) was created to organize non-profit screenings and discussions of human rights documentaries for human rights education purposes. As of 2019, the Network includes 2018 Docudays UA film clubs in regional centers, towns and villages across Ukraine. Docudays UA film clubs function in schools, colleges, children's summer camps, universities, libraries, NGOs, education institutions for employees of the penitentiary system, penal colonies, jails and probation centers.

Every year during the festival, we hold a National Ukrainian Conference "Documentary cinema as an instrument of human rights media education" for the moderators of Docudays UA film clubs.
In mid-March 2022, following the start of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, the NGO Docudays team began work on the Ukraine War Archive. The Ukraine War Archive is intended to be a tool in the fight in the fields of information, art and law. In the future, journalists, lawyers, human rights activists and artists will be able to work with the archive under our moderation and coordination. The archive is built according to international standards for the use of materials so that the International Criminal Court can use the preserved files.

The English version of the project website has been available since August. The initiative is open to potential partnerships with international human rights organizations, think tanks, media, and art communities.
This is the first online documentary platform in Ukraine with an online cinema and the archive of DOCU/CLASS masterclasses. The documentaries that can be watched at the website are made in Ukraine and about Ukrainians by various NGOs in cooperation with the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA. Their protagonists are ordinary citizens who strive to change the life in their country for the better. They persistently head towards their goals, overcoming external circumstances.
This is a platform for promoting the development of the Ukrainian film industry, establishing contacts with international experts in the documentary world, creating Ukrainian film projects. In particular, it includes training programs and pitchings for directors, as well as workshops and discussions for everyone who is interested in documentary films. In addition, the Festival’s industry section featured such educational and filmmaking projects as The Guardian Goes Ukraine, DocWorks UA/UK, WARSCAPE, Youth about Ukraine, CIVIL PITCH: Civil Activism Films.

Every year, the Docudays UA team also compiles a Catalogue of the Ukrainian Documentary. The English version is distributed at specialized international film markets. The catalogue contains information about finished films and projects in progress, as well as contacts of Ukrainian independent producers, film and TV studios, festivals, distributors.
DOCU/HIT is a project for expanding the full-fledged run of the best documentaries, the favorites of international film festivals, in Ukrainian film theaters. Since 2016, Docudays UA has been screening the winners of awards at prominent world film competitions and the audience hits of the March festival — not only in Kyiv, but also in other Ukrainian cities.
This is a cultural diplomacy project. The European tour of Docudays UA involves screenings of documentaries and photo exhibitions about Ukraine, meetings with filmmakers, and discussions with civic activists, human rights advocates, writers who help explain the situations depicted in the films, provide more information about the events in Ukraine. SEE UKRAINE events have taken place in France, Greece, Italy, Germany and Spain.
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